Dr. Suwelack MATRICOL Collagen Velvet Mask, 1 sheet

Dr. Suwelack MATRICOL Collagen Velvet Mask, 1 sheet


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Dr. Suwelack MATRICOL Collagen Velvet Mask

  • Matricol Collagen mask with black caviar Caviar Deluxe (Classic, sheet A4)
  • Mask based on identical skin collagen triple action (MatriColĀ® technology) with black caviar extract. Provides skin cells with energy, enriches it with vitamins, microelements and amino acids. Stimulates natural regeneration (vitamin A), promotes skin restructuring, activates cellular metabolism (vitamin D). Charges cells with energy, prevents premature aging. Recommended for mature, fading, dull and listless skin. Does not contain parabens, perfumes and siloxanes
  • Active Ingredients and Their Effects Collagen of triple action + Extract of black caviar( Enrichment with vitamins (A and D), microelements and amino acids) (Stimulation of ambien 10 mg process (vitamin A) (Promoting skin tightening and restructuring) (Activation of cellular metabolism (vitamin D)
  • Application: Cut the mask according to the individual contours of the face. Apply to appropriate skin areas. Thoroughly moisten the activator lotion and leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask, rolling up slowly from the bottom up
  • Made in Germany


How to use

  • Put the cut mask onto your face
  • Apply toner or ampoule onto your face to allow the mask stay in place
  • Toner or ampoule can be used to moisten the Collagen Pure
  • Leave mask on for 20-30 minutes
  • Peel off mask and press any excess product into the skin of provigil


Made in Germany



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