Beads Chain, Gold Tone, Lace Flower, Pearl, Chanel Chain

Beads Chain, Gold Tone, Lace Flower, Pearl, Chanel Chain


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Mask Straps

Chanel Chain Brown, Black / 29 inches / $12


Butterfly Gold, Silver / 23 inches / $10

Star Gold, Silver / 24.5 inches / $10


Round Stone Ivory, Mint and Black / 29.5 inches / $12


Gold Tone Beads (29.5 inches), Chain (30 inches) and woven (18.5 inches) / $12


Beads Chain / 28 inches / $12


Beads Beige


Beads Pink Beige


Beads Dark Grey


Beads Black


Beads Mint


Beads Rainbow


Beads Beige Mix


Plastic Marble Blue, Brown / 24 inches / $12



Beads / 23,5 inches / $9

Pearl / 23.5 inches / $10


Lace Flower / 17.5 inches / $8

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