SAMPAR The Impossible Synergy Mask, 10 Sheets


SAMPAR The Impossible Synergy Mask, 10 Sheets

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SAMPAR The Impossible Synergy Mask, 10 Sheets

This rejuvenating oil-in sheet mask comes with an oil serum to pop right before use and to drop into the peptide mask packet for the freshest sheet mask experience.

The combination of vitamin oil and peptide creates a powerful synergy of antioxidant and moisturizing effects, essential to overcome stressed and dehydrated skin.

The vitamin oil combines the ultra nourishment of omega with potent hydration of a sheet mask for an intensive treatment that instantly renews and protects skin.

Peptide serum improves the look of elasticity, firmness, hydration and brightens the complexion.


How to use

  • Fold over the pouch containing the oil 3 times to push oil in the the sheet mask pouch
  • Mix the oil and extract together by swiping your hands across the pouch several times
  • Let the sheet mask adsorb the product for 30 seconds
  • Open mask sheet and put on the face mask by aligning the holes with your eyes and mouth
  • Remove the mask sheet after 20~30 minutes, and then gently apply the moisturizer on the entire face


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